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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  July 10, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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i hope that you had a great weekend and appreciate you waking up with us. look at the beautiful skyline there in new york city. sunrising over central park. i'm heather childers and you are watching "fox & friends first." rob: good morning to you. i'm rob schmitt. thanks for starting your day us. meeting with worlds leaders at g-20 summit in germany. heather: setting the record straight. knocking down any of a russian cyber security unit. rob: where the u.s. stands now. griff. >> hey rob and heather good morning. i think i know where it stands. the president returned from the submit after that lengthy meeting with vice president stirring up a storm saying it's time to move forward working constructively with russia. he and putin discussed creating impenetrable cyber security unit. that grew immediate backlash from democrats and republicans. partnering with putin on a
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cyber security unit is akin to partnering with assad by chemical weapons unit. the president appeared to knock down any notion of a joint cyber effort. the fact that president putin and i discussed a cyber security unit doesn't mean i think it can happen. it can't. but a cease-fire did can and did. that last reference to one the biggest take aways perhaps to the putin meeting as cease-fire in syria and several members of the administration took to the sunday shows to drive home the message that the president did not accept the denial that russia medicine dead in the 2016 election. >> the president did not deny the denial of president putin. what the president did was immediately came into the meeting, talked about russian meddling in the u.s. election. went after that issue at least two separate times. >> with yobut missing in those s of the treats was the president's denial.
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we shall see. that has some lawmakers like senator lindsey graham still troubled. >> when it comes to russia, i am dumbfounded. i am disappointed. and at the end of the day, he is hurting his presidency by not embracing the fact that putin is a bad guy who tried to beyond cut our democracy and is he doing it all over the world. >> one of the things. >> what will we hear from the president today? i don't know. there are no public events on his schedule. perhaps an opportunity to do some tweeting. we will see, guys. rob: maybe work on healthcare, too. griff, thanks so much. heather: thanks. something he may be tweeting about today is the response coming over his daughter ivanka sitting at one of the tables in one of the meetings during the g-20. rob: briefly at the g-20 summit she sat in for the president who had to step out. the twitter world and mainstream media and members of the administration went wild with this. here is a quote from "new york times," i believe the columnist charles blow.
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why the hell is ivanka trump sitting in for daddy at the g g-20 meeting. what are the qualifications? who voted for her. it's not take your daughter to work day. rob: this was the funniest one. this is a women's rights activist amy, this kind of thing happens all the time in dictatorships. the irony there is that the president allowing his daughter to sit in for him. and here's a montage of what we saw in the mainstream media. >> ivanka trump briefly took a critical role at the g-20 summit. >> president's daughter sat in on meetings at the g-20. what's her role. >> senior officials down playing this was any sort of big deal. it's a reminder that, you know, when president trump is abroad or even when he is dealing with policies on the domestic front, it is a family business at times. this is the deal when you are talking about the trump white house. heather: we should, of course,
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mention obviously she is a senior advisor as well to the president. here is what angela merkel had to say. she actually defended her saying that the delegates themselves decide should the president not be present for a meeting who will then take over and sit in the chair. ivanka trump was part and par sill of the american delegates so that that is something that other delegates also do. and it's very well known that she works at the white house and is also engaged in certain initiatives, including the one that she set in on. rob: certainly, which we should say is a partnership with africa, migration and health. not to minimize that or marginalize it at all. when you have north korea, isis, syria, probably not the most critical of the things that the g-20 is talking about. at the same time, we should also say that this is something that the president was sitting in on, had to step out briefly. who knows why, bathroom break, phone calls. turkey sandwich. who knows. she sat in for a brief period of time, according to the white house.
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a matter of minutes. heather: talking about the human rights advocates, donald trump jr. had a similar once to that. would it be better if i sat, in meaning himself. what would be the response if he did that? rob: another great one. people are going to credit sides anywhere they can. crazies like this on both sides of the aisle to attack everything that the other side does. there you have it. heather: it is back to business or at least it should be for congress today after a week long recess. republicans making top priority to repeal and replace obamacare. rob: senate holding out hope for a vote next week. kelly wright joins us with the critical deadline that is looming. >> could that be wishful thinking? we will see. july 4th fireworks are over. as congress returns to work a different set could be set off as the president tries to get health proposal passed over the july 4th recess, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell expressed his commitment to getting et new healthcare measure passed. but he acknowledged it will be difficult to accomplish and even hinted that republican
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senators might need some help from the democrats. a tough task since democrats have been against the idea of repealing and replacing obamacare. president trump back from his trip to germany for the g-20 summit is urging the g.o.p. to get the job done, tweeting, this for years, even as a civilian, i listened as republicans pushed the repeal and replace of obamacare. now they finally have their chance. white house chief of staff reince priebus tells fox news is he confident about the bill becoming the new healthcare law before the august recess. >> if anyone can get it done, mitch mcconnell, president trump working together with the senate. >> "yes" or "no," will they pass -- >> -- yes. >> yes, what? >> they will get a repeal and replace bill done. >> but some republican senators are not so optimistic. >> my view is it's probably going to be dead, but i am -- i've been wrong.
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i thought i would be president of the united states. [laughter] >> that's a little chuckle there from john mccain. tax reform, spending bills and a budget before the september 30th deadline. a lot to do before the august recess. rob and heather? rob: certainly is. kelly, thank you. heather: whether or not they take that august recess. rob: i would hope not. >> thanks. heather: major victory for iraqi forces. troops pouring into the streets of mosul celebrating the city's from isis. extend his congratulations. iraqi troops now control almost all of mosul. this is after nine months of heavy fighting there are still small pockets of isis resistance, we're told. president trump meantime touting the new syrian cease-fire agreement now in effect. the president tweeting syrian cease-fire seems to be holding. many lives can be saved. came out of meeting good.
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the agreement brokered during the g-20 summit by russia, the u.s., and jordan aims to bring rerelief to war torn parts of syria. rob: hours from now charlie gard's parents will be back in court fighting for terminally ill son's life. arguing that his rare condition is untreatable and should be taken off life support. his parents chris and connie guard delivering a petition with 350,000 signatures on it to allow to get treatment abroad. >> get charlie the treatment he needs. >> if he is still fighting -- rob: two new york hospitals have agreed to admit little charlie. president trump also vowing support. heather: a popular tourist spot in london fireball overnight. it happened near camden stable. 70 firefighters trying to put this out. there were fears that the building was actually going to explode it looks like it did. but it didn't.
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fortunately, no one was injured. that fire is now under control. all of this come after 80 people killed in apartment fire there a raging wildfire back at home terrorizing the west. a state of emergency now in buick cut, california. 4,000 residents forced to leave their home as a result of this. this wall of fire take as rapid turn torching homes. crews fighting out of control brush fires in santa barbara county. 90 children temporarily trapped by those flames. only 5% is currently contained they are just two of the dozens of wildfires raging in at least nine states right now. rob: not a big surprise because at this point in time been so hot and dry out west. we saw those ridiculous temperatures in nevada and arizona may and june. janice is now here on that. janice: look at the temperatures still warm across
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the west. we will be dealing with high fire danger northern tier of the country. take a look at that current temperatures 92 in missoula i watching the threat for strong to severe thunderstorms again today across the iraqis. then into the great lakes and midwest. also looking at scattered showers across the gulf coast. future radar shows those showers and thunderstorms start to per collate later on this afternoon in to this evening, large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes will be the risk again across the northern rockies, the great lakes, the ohio river valley and then a risk for tornadoes across indiana, ohio, as well as' in towards the great lakes region and then, of course, you are talking about the high fire danger which will we will concentrate throughout the day where things are going to be certainly warm and dry and breezy. that's going to toledo high fire danger especially across the northern and central rockies. back to you rob and heather.
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rob: you are fresh from vacation. janice: i feel like it. i feel like the wheels are really slowly turning this morning. welcome back. rob: you are not going to tell snus. rob: where was? i i i was in canada. we celebrated canada's birthday and america's birthday all the same week. you can see vacation pictures on twitter, instagram and facebook. janice: instagram if you haven't followed janice you certainly should. janice: nice to be back. rob: new yorkers bracing for a summer of hell not just because of the heat. a massive two month repair project starting today at the nation's busiest rail hub. >> it's gonna be rough. >> it's going to be ridiculous. >> if you reduce trains coming into penn by 20%, it will be a summer of hell. rob: talking about penn station here. emergency amtrak repairs closing a number of tracks there in midtown west forcing 650,000 commuters or a good
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chunk of that to find alternative ways in and out of the city. the 40-million-dollar project is expected to be finished by september. of course, they always say that. heather: do you think that will happen? vandalism does not defeat patriotism that is the message sent by hundreds hoping to restore a memorial dedicated to our heros who gave their lives defending our freedom. those criminals targeting the colorado freedom veterans memorial causing $155,000 damages. >> there are kids, whoever breaks. this you break the piece of glass, you broke the families whose hearts have been broken enough already. this is beyond sick to me. heather: glass vandalized display more than 6,000 veterans killed overseas. that's what it displayed there. rob: ridiculous. 12 minutes after the hour. and confronted by his counterpart. >> when tom is saying republicans don't give a blank about anyone. that type of rhetoric doesn't
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bring people to our party. rob: watch dnc tom perez get called out for a lot of his harsh rhetoric. heather: do you remember when james comey called out hillary clinton for her handling of classified information? >> there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information. heather: well it, turns out she is not the only ones to break the rules. what we just learned about comey's secret memos. rob: also, sarah palin's defamation lawsuit should apparently be tossed because the "new york times" saying it was an honest mistake. stay tuned ♪ ♪ i never knew a guy who carried a mirror in his pocket ♪ a comb my vacation. so when i need to book a hotel, i want someone who makes it easy to find what i want.
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♪ i'm... i'm so in love with you. ♪ ♪ whatever you want to do... ♪ alright with me. ♪ ooo baby let's... ♪ ...let's stay together... ♪ heather: welcome back to "fox & friends first."
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the head of the nypd union slamming mayor bill de blasio for skipping the vigil of a police officer assassinated for the color of her uniform. ed mullens calling out the new york city mayor instead of jetting off to germany to join the g-20 protest he should have done more to address this tragedy. >> we have a very antipolice atmosphere. we are not seeing any kind of leadership that comes out and explains the facts that are out there are not true. the police are not your enemy. heather: this comes as thousands prepare to say their goodbyes to officer familia in the wake of the mother -- the wake of the mother of three killed sitting in her patrol car is set for this afternoon. her funeral is tomorrow. familia's murder coming on the heels of the senate securing $4 million to help keep our men and women in blue safe.
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instores windows and control cars and command vehicles. rob: dnc chairman tom perez getting scolded for his vulgar anti-g.o.p. rhetoric. words like this. >> i don't care [bleep]. in cheers] rob: typical tom perez there rnc chair woman rhona romney mcdaniel calling him out on national tv for pattern of using profanity to condemn republicans. >> when tom says republicans don't give a blank about anyone that type of rhetoric doesn't bring people to our party. we have to have reasonable discussions, have a dialogue, be respectful of each other but share our opinions as to what the best path is to get to the same place we both want to go. rob: which challenged whether or not he regrets those comments, perez avoided the question and recited some talking points bashing republicans on healthcare: all right. some the mainstream media
2:19 am
demand critics stop calling them snowflakes. one journalist even calling you one, too. >> i'm a snowflake and so are you. your children are snowflakes and so are mine. and those who protest the loudest about not being snowflakes, i can see your six fold ic ice crystals from here. rob: term used to express people with very thin skinned and campuses and communities where cultural sensitivity is a must. rob: oh, yeah. well, an honest mistake. that is the "new york times'" defense against sarah palin's defamation lawsuit. lawyers for the people saying that the case should, in fact, be thrown out. the former governor of alaska suing the "times" after editorial last month stated a direct link between a palin pac ad and the shooting of arizona democrat gabriel giffords. the "times" acknowledged the mistake issuing several corrections. rob? rob: letter.
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a paints of jesupainting of jest typically seen as a love. large painting of jesus on the cross was left hanging on a fence outside of islamic center on long island over the weekend. police investigating this artwork as a biased incident. heather: let us know what you think about that and snowflake story as well. i want to know what people think. time is 20 minutes after the hour. lucky to be alive. >> grab ahold of the bear by his ear and just let go of me and i was able to get away. heather: that teenager bitten in the head by a bear in the middle of the night. reliving the horrific moment. rob: i cannot imagine. heather: no. rob: black friday in july big deals for amazon. tell you how to cash in. ♪ go on ♪ take the money and run ♪ ♪
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one that keeps you connected to what matters most. rob: black friday in july? well, amazon prime day kicking off the day with deals and steals promising to be bigger than ever. heather: how to get the most bang for your buck. good morning, tracy. >> good morning, black friday or cyber monday in july. amazon prime day starting at:00 p.m. eastern tonight. amazon prime members will be able to save on hundreds of thousands of items. amazon usually doesn't tell you what kinds of deals it will offer ahead of time. we can expect everything from ice cream to 4 k televisions to be on sale it will last 30 hours instead of 24. people in 12 other countries including the u.k., mexico and china will now be able to shop. amazon says to use this app. to get the best deals and keep track of everything.
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heather: new deals every five minutes. >> every five minutes. absolutely. rob: all right. i guess most people didn't see the first 30 renditions of spiderman. this new one went pretty well. >> it sure did. on record for a opening weekend. bringing in as much as $118,000. this domestic debut is sony's second highest opening ever. second biggest opening for a spiderman film behind 2007 spiderman 3. few if any frank chizs within a seven year span are rebooted three times with different stars and reach these box office heights. people want to know what happens, i guess. rob: i hear the spiderman coming out next week is going to be next week. heather: this is supposed to be the best one ever. they always say that krispy kreme donuts less than a dollar? >> celebrating its 80th anniversary by selling a dozen glazed donuts for 80 cents. there is a catch.
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you will need to purchase a dozen donuts at full price in order to get the deal on the second dozen. that's 24 donuts. cash in on this deal friday, july 14th at most krispy kreme locations in the u.s. heather: knew there was a catch. i think we will probably bring some in on friday. >> sounds good. heather: thanks, tracy. 26 minutes after the top of the hour. horrific hit and run caught on camera. how the internet helped lead to an arrest. shocking information about the driver who fled the scene. rob: and social media sounding off as "the washington post blames a conservative radio host for the trump hate his or her shot representative steve scalise, a republican? heather: a bernie supporter.
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♪ rob: nice summer morning here in, i guess, mid july now. and we are coming up on 5:30 on the east coast. sun coming up. good morning to you, you are watching "fox & friends," i'm rob schmitt. heather: i'm heather childers, half past the hour. welcome. president trump back to work in washington fresh off meeting with world leaders at the g-20 summit in germany. rob: charter. our commander-in-chief setting the record straight shutting down any chance of a russian cyber security unit. heather: griff jenkins live at our nation's capitol with details where our nation stands. >> good morning heather and rob, want to know where things stand? follow the tweets. the president returning from trip tweeting out a storm over the weekend. stunning folks in washington when he described penetrable cyber security unit with
2:31 am
vladimir putin that drew immediate backlash with democrats and republicans. senator marco rubio quoted partnering with putin on a cyber security unit is akin to partnering with assad on a chemical weapons. he seemed to be backtracking on any. the fact we discussed a cyber security unit doesn't mean i think it can happen. it can't. a cease-fire can and did. noting perhaps the biggest take away from the trip a cease-fire in syria. but questions remain after putin denied any meddling in the 2016 election. that meeting several members of the administration took to the sunday shows to insist that the president did not accept putin's denial. president putin knows he meddled. he is never going to admit to it and that's all that happened. >> excuse me one second. it appears that some lawmakers
2:32 am
like lindsey graham are still troubled over the president's relationship with putin. take a listen. >> when it comes to russia, i am dumbfounded, i am disappointed, and tenged at the end of the day he is hurting his presidency by not embracing the fact that putin is a bad guy. >> so our apologies for our bumps there, but here's the deal. here is where we stand. no public events on the president's schedule today. we will see what he starts tweeting about. more about russia or the cease-fire, accomplishments from the trip or will he move on to healthcare and some of the other things from washington this week. guys? heather: healthcare, tax reform. a lot on the agenda. rob ron thanks. heather: thank you. back to business as we just mentioned to congress today. republicans making top priority to repeal and replace obamacare. rob: senate holding out hope for a vote next week. trying to remain optimistic. kelly wright joins us now with the critical deadline that is now looming. >> critical indeed.
2:33 am
congress has a lot of work to get done in three short weeks before they take their august recess. here is what heather was talking about this that short amount of time they have to tackle tax reform, spending bills, agree on a budget so the government doesn't run out of money after september 30th. let's not forget the g.o.p.'s quest to repeal and replace obamacare. he is now urging the g.o.p. to get the job done, tweeting this: for years, even as a civilian, i listened as republicans pushed the repeal and replace of obamacare. now, they finally have had their chance. now getting a new healthcare bill passside a top priority for senate republicans but there are still some stark differences within the g.o.p. itself on how to find agreement on the way forward. for example, senator bill cassidy a doctor himself, says the pourn to repeal obamacare now and replace it later is a nonstarter. >> it will be uncertainty in the insurance markets.
2:34 am
premiums will rise for middle class families it gives all the power to people who actually don't believe in president trump's campaign pledges, who actually don't want to continue to cover and care for preexisting conditions and to lower premiums. it gives them the stronger hand. i think it's wrong. i think it betrays president trump's campaign pledges. >> there is no doubt this has been a rocky path to getting there, but i continue to believe we can get this done. >> some optimism out there still. mitch mcconnell says he is committed to getting the bill passed but suggested he might need some bipartisan help from the democrats to get enough senators to pass the bill. heather and rob, don't know about that. we will see. rob: see how these numbers are going to work out. >> got to have at least 52. with the democrats out, might get to 50. rob: have to wait and see and play some politics. thanks so much, kelly. heather: thank you, kelly. reince priebus is coming to donald trump jr.'s defense. the chief of staff a meeting
2:35 am
with a russian lawyer during the 2016 election. part of a larger political smear campaign. circa news now reporting that the russian lawyer had ties to the dnc. and that the anti-trump dossier. >> the individual that set up the meeting may have been affiliated with fusion g ns which is opposition research firm that is being subpoenaed and talked to by the senate judiciary committee. seems to be on the end of the trump individual is a big nothing burger but may spin out of control for the dnc and the democrats. heather: well, donald trump jr. issuing a statement in response to the meeting saying in part, quote: the woman had stated that she had information that individuals connected to russia were funding the democratic national committee and supporting miss clinton. her statements were vague, ambiguous and made no sense. rob: remember when james comey called out hillary clinton for her hand links of classified information? >> there is evidence that they were extremely careless in
2:36 am
their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information. rob: turns out of hillary is not the only one to break the rules. brand new bombshell report accusing comey of also putting our national security at risk. that is the allegation. according to the hill, the former fbi director's personal memos detailing private conversations with president trump, remember, he took all those notes, a lot of those memos contain top secret information. comey testified leaking that material to a friend hoping to put pressure on the alleged russia-trump team collusion investigation. but he insisted that the information was not classified. heather: more to come on that for sure. rob: terrifying mommy's caught on camera showing a cyclist get hit by a car and the driver fleeing the scene. check this out.
2:37 am
the guy just takes off. i don't understand how this happens. 58-year-old marshall grant neeley the iii facing several charges driving that suv after the cyclist poising the video online. dean of students at the university of nashville now on leave. yeah. the cyclist as you saw there expected to be okay. he got right up. heather: the internet helps track down a lot of the people these days, hours from now, preliminary hearings set to resume for 18 penn state fraternity members for death of a student at a party. 19-year-old timothy piaza was found dead after a night drinking. many of the members of his fraternity involuntary manslaughter and assault. judge decide going there is enough evidence to send the case to court for county trial. rob: this is a crazy story. a teenager wakes up to find a black bear chewing on his head.
2:38 am
the 19-year-old colorado camp counselor said he heard a crunching sound which turned out to be that bear's teeth digging into his skull. >> grabbed ahold of the bear by his ear and i found his eye and i was poking it. it just let go of me and i was able to get away. rob: you are looking at the luckiest kid on earth. he was sleeping near a number of camp counselor's at the time. nobody else got any attention from the bear. he ended up neeght several staples in his hid. animal control trying to find that bear. heather: can you imagine waking up to that i wouldn't know if it was a dream, a nightmare or real. rob: i think it's a nightmare. i heard janice chiming in on that. janice: oh my gosh that poor kid. so glad he is okay. rob: lucky kid. janice: hopefully the bear is -- let's switch gears. let's talk about the weather.
2:39 am
70 degrees here in new york. 77 in chicago. 67 in senate. and eastern half of the country. we do have the potential for severe weather unfortunately across the great lakes back through the rockies. this is the area that needs the rain because we have had wildfire danger. taking a look at the next seven days. the model forecast shows a little bit of rain getting across the rockies. the areas that need it across the west coast not getting in on that moisture unfortunately. quick look at forecast today not bad across the east coast. watch that stormy weather across the you were midwest, great lakes across the gulf coast as well. back to you rob and heather. heather: all right. thank you, janice. janice: you got it. rob: democrats igniting a bit of a battle on the trump administration now blasting ivanka trump for sitting in on the g-20 summit. >> the president's daughter ivanka trump sat in on meeting at the g-20. what's her role. >> this is the deal when you are talking about the trump
2:40 am
white house. rob: we have a fair and balanced debate coming up next. heather: the internet's favorite moment from the weekend. did you see this? president trump helping a marine with his hat? social media is still loving it. and we are loving carolina shimkus who is here next with all the praise for the president. rob: good morning. ♪ we were young and strong and running against the wind. for better hydration. and your best look yet. olay eyes collection. ageless.
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sure, i've taken discounts to new heights with safe driver and paperless billing. but the prize at the top is worth every last breath. here we go. [ grunts ] got 'em. ahh. wait a minute. whole wheat waffles? [ crying ] why! heather: "the washington post now blaming a conservative radio host for the trump hater who shot representative steve scalise. rob: excited to see how they make this connection here. share live shimkus with 24/7 sirius 115. >> getting a bunch of online today. if you remember the man who shot congressman steve scalise and several others was a registered democrat. bernie sanders supporter. a "the washington post" article attempts to link him to his local pro-trump shock
2:44 am
jock, a guy whose name is rob row meneck known who are racist rants and distrust in the political establishment. here is a bit of the article regarding the nation's mood following the shooting. the nation was shocked but row romeneck. stoking frustrations about race, crime and government certainly wasn't. despite being a diehard supporter of president trump who has perfected the art of the dire populist message many of r romanik like hodgkinson. no indication that the shooter hodgkinson ever even throiched this guy's radio program leading to a lot of the criticism on social media. >> buzz feed catherine miller sent out this tweet saying what's the point of this? the supporter hated trump and there is no indication in the story he has listened to this pro-trump host. steven miller also a conservative heat street
2:45 am
writer says devoted bernie supporter shoots up baseball field. blame pro-trump talk radio in his hometown for it another tweet come in from a guy named josh who says i'm honestly not sure i have seen one article or tweet that so neatly incapsulates why americans largely loathe the mainstream media a lot of crism here. "the washington post 00 on twitter reaction to this strange story. heather: the thing is that last tweet, it does show the bias and that is why americans hate the mainstream media right now. rob: so stupid. >> apples and oranges. new york city mayor bill de blasio facing heavy criticism for jetting off to the g-20 summit in germany in the wake of the assassination of a new york city police officer familia. in the police, de blasio actually praised german police while he was over there. but back at home he even missed a vigil for this police officer, leading to a ton of
2:46 am
criticism on social media. he has been facing a firestorm for a couple days now. brian on twitter said he had the responsibility as mayor to show respect to that officer. he is a disgrace and i hope is he voted out of office. pam on social media chimes in saying is he a piece of work. liberalism #disgrace and nic also says still confuse you had as to why the mayor of new york city had to visit g-20. maybe it's for fun to go to germany. his son was over there. but, you know, a lot of people says he had a responsibility to be at home in the wake of this terrible treating. heather: why officers turn their back on him. rob: after names like bloomberg and giuliani not even partisan way it's embarrassing the situation with our mayor. best of the weekend. >> shot of the morning. the moment everybody is still talking about. the president boards marine one. and it appears to be a very windy day. he helps the marine with his hat.
2:47 am
it flies off his head again. he helps him again. it was a nice moment to see, right? a lot of people on social media are buzzing about this. david says a simple thing like that means a lot to active military and veterans. i think he is right. will the this tweet coming in from tommy, she says it speaks volumes and another tweet from captain not so obvious. now that's a real commander-in-chief. is he getting a lot of the praise for this light hearted moment. good to see him like that. heather: he didn't pause. rob: that's when you see who people really are. >> bingo. thanks. heather: check in with brian kilmeade to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." you will be talking about that and a couple other things. brian: i know both of you would have helped that marine with his hat. no doubt about it let me tell you what's coming up. look back at the pet's week that was and the g-20. also talk about some of the aftermath of the president's one op. one meeting that lasted nearly three hours with vladimir putin. also just putt out a tweet on this very thing. we he will talk about that and
2:48 am
its impact on republicans and democrats as we get set to debate healthcare again. look at the roster. kellyanne conway live. congressman jason chaffetz. former chairman of the oversight committee. senator bill cassidy a doctor with a great plan of his own for healthcare going forward. the chance of a new plan coming. in if you want to be inspired, you want to be a better parent, you i want to be a better person. larry winget. brand new book. he will get you fired up. will not wear a tie. often wears a hat. please do not miss a minute of "fox & friends." please, i big of you. get dressed. ♪ bp engineered a fleet of 32 brand new ships with advanced technology, so we can make sure oil and gas get where they need to go safely. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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heather: welcome back to "fox & friends first." unqualified and unelected. democrats reigniting the war on women with fresh attacks on ivanka trump for sitting at
2:52 am
the g-20 table. so is this more manufactured outrage? here to debate g.o.p. strategist and former g.o.p. congressional candidate and liberal commentator john hopkins university professor wendy. thank you both for joining us this morning. >> good morning. heather: noel, i will start with you. do you see a problem with this? >> no, i don't see a problem with it another example of the mainstream media going wild about ivanka trump. number one, she has an office in the white house. she is an official. and the biggest gripe was they are upset because it's his daughter acting like it's some normal kid that's stepping in. who knows why he had to get up and leave. and it's up to whoever, you know, the delegates to put in who they want. and she has an official role. heather: she is a senior advisor and the delegates themselves decide. we will get to that in a moment. what do you think? >> i think it's the optics. i think it's important for us to talk about what chancellor
2:53 am
merkel said which see said anyone can sit. in however, when you have the first daughter, who said on june 26th that she does not want to get involved with politics stepping in. it gives the optics that the trump administration is blending biblicals and family. politics is a plot about opticked and right now the optics don't look good. heather: trump administration was not responsible for appointing her and having ler step in. here is what angela merkel had to say. she said the delegates themselves decide should the president not be present for a meeting, who will take over in the chair ivanka trump part and parcel of the delegates. that something that other delegates also do. it's very well known that she works for the white house, is also engaged in certain initiatives. and noel, that was something that you brought up, the initiative actually tied into this. >> well, you know, she earlier attended on a panel discussion
2:54 am
for summit meeting where she represented the united states. and then giving, i think $50 million to a women's entrepreneur -- heather: finance initiative. >> it's not like she is some random person that works for the white house that wanting to sit in and get involved. she actually is involved. heather: wenty, this picture, which is how we found out that she was sitting in temporarily while the president got up and did something just for a moment or two, was leaked by a member of the russian media or russian official? >> absolutely, it was. so that also let's us know that as a country, we have to stay united in everything that we do. because it was leaked for the purpose to sew discord and this type opposition. high leaders theresa may as well as the president of china gives the optics when you have someone like the secretary of
2:55 am
treasury mnuchin sitting right there, why didn't he step in? we have to be mindful why this picture was even given to the media, which was to sow discord. those optic does not look good. heather: thank you for joining us. appreciate your time this morning. i'm sure there will be more reaction to come today. >> thank you. heather: rob? rob: 55 minutes after the hour. u.s. marine paying tribute to america's heroes. the emotional way he is helping families of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. bad news for recent grads. why it is so hard to land a job right now. ♪ i just want to lay in my bed ♪ feel like moisturize, and freshen breath. try biotène®. theso when i need to book tant to mea hotel room,tion. i want someone that makes it easy.
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heather: time few forked gadd,ed bad, and the ugly. first the good, the a former marine is on a mission to honor the memory of our fallen heroes. cliff creates statutes of troops killed overseas. one goal is to please the parent. rob: the bad. college students complanelling about not finding work. 32% of businesses say new grads are just bad workers who also can't read or do basic math. companies surveyed suggested the schools should start focusing more on skills that are actually needed in the workplace. heather: good idea. finally the ugly. shia labeouf tried dodging
3:00 am
police by running into a hotel after a scuffle over cigarette on the street. tmz is reporting that the transformer star was arrested for public intoxication while filming a movie in georgia. not the first trouble he has h. rob: shia labeouf has gone nuts. "fox & friends" starts now. we will see you later. heather: bi. >> president trump back home after wrapping up that jam packed trip to the g-20 summit in germany. >> two men walk into the room. had you two men who knew the exact same thing which is russia did meddle in the election. >> we're not going to forego progress simply because we have a disagreement. >> as the senate gets back to work on health reform, a growing number of republicans are expressing doubts about the bill. >> my view is it's probably going to be dead. >> clearly the serious rewrite plan dead? i don't know. >> which when it comes to repealing obamacare we have to honor the promise we made to the voters. i believe we can get this done. >> guns fall silent as a


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